What Would DJ Kate Space Wear?

A $2 jumpsuit from TJ Maxx. What would she like to be wearing? Probably real Kate Spade. I love winter weather, clothes, glitter acceptable on everything because it’s “festive” and holiday ads. I do. I also live in a city where to justify owning of these pieces, I have to change outfits every 3 hours for the 5 days a year it’s below 70 degrees. Brb.


tory-burch-holiday1 tory-burch-holiday10


Juicy / Ralph Lauren / Burberry/ Tory Burch / Dior / Kate Spade

Austin Fashion Week 2013 Gallery

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You can never be overdressed or overeducated ― Oscar Wilde

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little to no influence on society. — Mark Twain

The Clothes Swap Christmas Shop On Ice

Here’s what we did this year for our annual holiday party and it was so successful, it will likely become a yearly tradition. Getcha future invite on:

We have friends that are so stylish they could make a slew of Anthropologie models jealous. You’ve got class, you’ve got style, you’ve got a copious amount of textiles…


You get the idea. Instead of Christmas shopping for each other this year, we’re proposing a good ‘ol stylin swap that would make even the most chic Conde Nast wannabe interns jeal jeal.


How girly of us, right? Devil a la Prada. A few ground rules -

1. Bring your clothes that are taking up space and stressing you out! Nothing that’s in “goodwill” condition please! We want to reserve the space for those pieces that are ohsocute but just don’t fit right or for some reason just don’t get worn. No rips or stains and all clothes should be clean upon arriving at Twigwam.2. If you plan to participate (and why would you not?) the minimum number of items to bring is 5 and the maximum is 50. If you have more than 50, bring them anyways. Maximums are silly.3. We will have sections of the house for each type of garment. Dresses, shoes by size, accessories, pants, tops etc. You know what types of clothes exist. This way, we won’t know who has what or who brought what or what the what.

erin,jpg4. GIRLSGOCRAZY! We have two lovely bathrooms with decor that we have curated deliberately (not deliberately at all) over the years for you to try everything on in. You can also just go at it in the living room. Evs. Take what fits and what you’ll wear!5. All leftover swap items will be donated to Austin’s Dress for Success which helps to outfit women for interviews, the workplace, and professional training groups. If the original owner wants to take back unclaimed swap items, that will be an option too.

sparkleIf you’re worried there won’t be anything to fit your style here since Rachel tends to dress like a glorifieded OshKosh B’Gosh child at times and not everyone can rock a bomber with a cocktail dress like Sarah, never fear! Invites are being extended to our friends in high-end retail land, the music rock n roll biz, photographers with an eye for chiffon and glory, gypsy jam banders, soy milk drinkers and Hello Giggles readers alike. We know a lot of weirdos (you.)Cocktails and snacks will be provided. If there’s a dress that’s too big for you initially, we’ll have pie for you to eat to make it fit juuuust right.

*Hostess note: Party will not, in fact, be on ice.
**Hostess note: When said hostesses are not renting, future parties might, in fact, be on ice.

Doing It Right – A Bright Life

These ads are doing it so right. Not only do I actively WANT To watch what they’re selling me, I want my life to be a mushed up version of all of the below. So bright and so fancy! Videos tend to get overlooked but seriously, watch these.  If you regret doing so after you do, I’ll buy you a pony.  A purple one.

Method – 

Fab. -

Kate Spade Fall 2012 -

Warby Parker – 

Madewell – 


“The worst stuff you say sounds better than the best stuff that some other people say.”

Lena Dunham stole the show at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards last night when just a few seconds into her speech she said,  “I have to take my shoes off you guys, I’m so sorry.” She then removed her skyhigh Brian Atwood heels.

-The Grindstone

“People are ultimately threatened by young people taking positions of power. But there’s also this feeling of I could do that, too. People don’t feel rabidly jealous of Larry David or Salman Rushdie because they don’t think, I could do that.”


The times are dancing around change and I…like…it.

We Are Handsome

Bring it on Schlitterbahn. If you get asked out while you’re wearing a panther or a tiger or another something something that could kill you on a slab of Spandex, he’s either crazy or everything you’ve ever dreamed of. That’s just something you’re going to have to use your own judgement on when the time is right. I wonder if these things would deter a shark from biting off your foot.

We are Handsome  (don’t worry about it)

Fill Your Step

Who is going to be gloomy or tired with a colorful dress on? I still felt tired…but I have orange toes ya’ll!

Dress- Liberty of London for Target via St. Vincent de Paul $5

Shoes – Target $3.98 clearance

Necklace – Strut $12

It’s a Cute Spring

It’s cute how Austin thinks it has a spring. It swaps from 40 degrees to 83 in two days. We took full advantage of the sun this weekend and bought some new shrubs with blooming, bright yellow flowers, a whole fleet of rosemary, and a random smattering of other plants for our backyard.

Also, I now have the loveliest of washer & dryer situations possibly ever in my house which has fully completed the list of items needed and it’s grand. Clean underwear? ALL THE TIME!? I mean really give me anything at all that could possibly be more grand than that. Fare thee well creepy old man with a walkman. So long girl wearing “single and proud” sans serif fonted T-shirt with deliberate holes in the back. Adios greasy couple who finds it enchanting to make out on the folding table amongst his odd smattering of mismatched oddly olive green business socks at 1 pm on a Sunday. I shall leave you to your laundromat!  I love this time of year.

No, mine absolutely does not look like this. But it darn freaking might as well. A clothes horse is not at peace until she finds her perfect mates.

SXSW 2012 is in fully swing for me starting tomorrow and leading through the 18 so I will be far too distracted and consumed by work to post, but for today I’m just pondering what to wear in typical procrastinating fashion. Paule Ka was a good place to start for some good spring festival ideas.

Paule Ka via 1

Want me to wash your socks? Cause…… I will.