Behind the blue eyes…

So I work for Bobbi Brown…and kind of love it. I’ve done some interesting makeovers in my time including but not limited to…

* One eye brown smokey eyes one eye gray smokey eyes
* One Lady Gaga star over the eye
* One who wanted alternate eyebrows drawn on her eyelids
* Two brides for one wedding
* Three in a random log cabin
* Two magazine shoots
* Three news anchors
* countless men
* One seven year old as requested by her mother
* 19 debutantes
* endless weddings…

Needless to say it’s always someone interesting requesting something interesting.  But I will say, it makes my time at work something to talk about.

My personal must haves? Pale pink blush, rose shimmer brick, long wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink, and the entire skincare line. It’s really the best stuff there is (not biased I swear I work there because I’ve loved it so long) and the best part? No animal testing. Now there’s a line I can get behind. It’s worth checking out Bobbi Brown .

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