Three exclamation points is just plum unnecessary!!!

Studying English and Journalism/PR simultaneously in school instilled in me a love for the comma. I also have this strange habit of attempting to have accurate punctuation in my text messages with full apostrophes and the like. We all slip up and heaven knows the internet has done its best to kill grammar and spelling as we know it but stuff like this is way more funny than it should ever be to me.
Speaking of which, the use of lol in electronic conversation has bugged me since my AOL preteen years and *gasp* when people SAY lol in polite conversation to your very face? Horrifying.
“Rachel your crazy”
“No, it’s Rachel you’re crazy.”
It’s a curse and I drive the people in my life absolutely bonkers sometimes. I attribute that to my English teacher of a mother and my getting timeout if a double negative ever dared to escape my lips at the innocent and intellectually poverty stricken age of nine.
Needless to say I got a giant kick out of “Past Tense” performed by the awesome Barton Carroll who I was fortunate enough to meet through a friend as he wandered into the dusty plains I currently find myself in.
His whole performance and album was great. Truly worth looking into. Buy his record at Barton Carroll’s Online Store
P.S. Ya’ll is exempt from all my rants and raves. It’s just such a wonderfully efficient abbreviation.

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