A Day in the Life of a College Graduate

For one of my assignments I had to tell a story using images. This could not have come at a more inopportune time seeing the current status of my darling camera, however, I was able to hunt a temporary one down so pardon the quality of some of the images.
A large thanks to miss Lauren who I can always count on to be just about as crazy as me.
The Graduate
Time: 5:14 pm (yes friends pm)

Fact: The coffee shop we went to was indeed packed and I had trouble holding the camera still because I was laughing so hard. Lauren is a rock star though and was totally deadpan the whole time despite the stares.
Fact #2: I didn’t read the door until we left
Fact #3: Those rainbow bee slippers of hers really truly do exist.
These are the things that make life fun. Byeeee!!

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