Some people move past their pasta art days and make…

amazingly creative beautiful things. These people have shops on Etsy. I look at people’s things and think…”man, I shoulda paid attention in sewing class.” Needless to say I’m currently attempting to catch up on all the “culture” my mother offered me (i.e. violin lessons, oil painting, knitting) throughout my childhood. What I then thought was super duper stupid are now all talents I wish I possessed. *sigh*

While I sit and curse my inept skills when it comes to the artist in me, you should look at those who listened to their mother as a kid.

ErinZam’s amazing little office supplies

found via Down and Out Chic

Awesome jewelry from LucyDuct’s store. I kinda want all of it

And on a bit of a funnier note…I love Narwhals and I love scooters…so who wouldn’t love a scooter riding Narwhal? Found at SquidInkKollective

via Etsy Austin

Off to play with Dreamweaver. Adobe is the clumsy yet creative artist’s best friend.


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