“Do what we like and we like what we do…”

I have heard that there are things called lazy days involving porches, television sets, cold beverages and afternoon naps that exist. I, however, have yet to experience something so grand. I tend to run until my face falls off. This past week I did take a break from my usual bustle to partake in what may in fact be the coolest week of insanity in the world. By this of course I am referring to Austin’s South by Southwest. Allow me to just say that if a vacation requiring no heat, no crowds, no walking and no fun sounds dreamy to you, then SXSW is not a shindig you should be attending. Personally, I’m terribly attracted to all of those things and find that there is little more than days and days jammed full of meeting really awesome new people and really fantastic music (along with free goodies being handed to you at each turn) that can make a person happier. My Monday Mix-Tape, which is actually being made on a Tuesday, is more or less a SXSW re-cap which are always fascinating to me because everyone who goes has completely different reflections on what they saw upon returning. Kinda the best fun ever frankly.

Andrew WK

Party Hard – Andrew WK

“Rachel!! Party hard!? I thought rainbows, puppies, unicorns…I’m so confused.” Ok here’s the thing about Andrew WK…. Well ok two things.

1. You can’t help but feel really happy and jumpy when you listen to it so how is that not a good thing?

2. Somehow this song kinda more or less became the anthem/point of reference for those of us living in the desolate south plains whether or not we actually do anything that would constitute partying hard.


Almost Everything – Wakey!Wakey!

I missed Ra Ra Riot. Correction…the Ra Ra Riot show switched to badges only leaving me and my temporary wristband laden arms out in the cold (it was freezing so yeah literally) but I wound up wandering into a small courtyard Wakey!Wakey! show and promptly fell in love. Got home from Austin, threw my suitcase down, cursed the desert wind, and promptly bought their album.

Matt Pond PA

Halloween – Matt Pond PA

I mentioned before how excited I was to see this show and it was great. It was small and I was right in the front and it was as lovely as I’d hoped.

The Walkmen

In the New Year – The Walkmen

Saw these guys about three hours after my feet hit the 512 at Carniville where the American Apparel Flea Market tent also resided. Pretty good indicator of the remainder of my week.

Neon Indian

Deadbeat Summer – Neon Indian

I saw Neon Indian here at home back in the fall and it was absolutely awesome. However, I must confess that while I didn’t actually see him perform at sxsw, I did walk by wherever he was playing and listen for a good five minutes before running to the next place. His lines were long all the times I tried.

I was asked to contribute to a SXSW recap post on a blog my buddy Alan and his girlfriend have, Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno. Darling blog and so fun to see all my friends’ different answers. We were all there at the same time and we all had totally different stuff to say about it apparently. Check it out at How Was Your SXSW?

In retrospect I wish only three things had gone differently this trip.

1. I wish I had packed a darn coat. I was not the only one walking around terribly under dressed which made me feel better. Even the local Austinites were more than a little stunned about Saturday’s nice chill.  Socks would be a good add to the list too I guess.

2. Wish I’d gotten there a day early but it was pretty cool seeing the atx baggage claim full of music cases and not a suitcase in sight.

3. Next year my schedule is going to be way more precise. There was so much stuff going on that I wanted to go to and realized I was missing it minutes before it was over.

Quote of the Week courtesy of a very confused frat daddy: “Dude… I just wanted to hit 6th for St. Patty’s and there’s like a million and five weird people here. Did you see that dude’s hair? It’s longer than my girlfriend’s. I told you we shoulda gone to Padre bro.”

Nah you shouldn’t have because then I wouldn’t have gotten to hear that gem.


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