“Pretty Powerful” by Bobbi Brown

Converse with dresses

Legos and lipgloss

Basketball and Barbie dolls

If I was asked to make a list of my favorite things there would be such a random assortment of stuff that it would probably boggle the mind of someone who didn’t know about my life as a walking oxymoron. For example, give me the great outdoors and a sleeping bag and I’ll be good for weeks – so long as there is somewhere to plug my straightening iron in at. Growing up with brothers made me love crafting exploding science experiments and shooting carefully engineered bottle rockets off in the backyard but I almost always had hot pink nails and a bow on my head while doing it. Needless to say, the inner tomboy and my girly girl self have been battling one another for years. Chalk one up for the girly side when I started my profession as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown.

As a PR student and someone who finds very little to be more fascinating than meeting new people and hearing their stories, I must applaud Bobbi Brown’s team for developing their latest campaign which I’m fortunate enough to interact with people about on a daily basis. The Pretty Powerful campaign is aimed at teaching women how to effectively boost their confidence and accentuate their natural beauty without covering themselves up with makeup they don’t need. The interactive campaign was predominately launched via social media sites and showed up at the counter creating a significant buzz. Bobbi encouraged women from all over to submit their pretty powerful videos and asked her followers to vote for who they think should win a weekend in New York. For each vote received, Bobbi will donate $1.oo to Dress for Success, an organization dedicated to providing underprivileged women interview attire and career development advice. After being personally involved and hearing such positive feedback from my own clients, I can honestly say that it is something I fully support and a great example of an effective campaign.

Votes are being accepted through tomorrow at the Pretty Powerful Web site.


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