Hey! It’s Spring!

Welcome to west Texas. If the wind is not blowing then you, my friend, are indoors. I have an affinity for dresses but the sheer terror of walking around outside traversing an expansive campus all day with the danger that the usual dust storm will decide to hit at precisely 2:12 pm tends to leave them on their hangers more than I’d like.

However, spring does bring some pretty wonderful things.

My favorites:

Bike rides

Rainbow sherbert (1/2 the calories 3x the fun!)

The trees and goofing around outside



Someone told me they are grumpy because I didn’t do a music Monday this week. I’m so behind on so many things right now. I’m in the throes of a gigantic graphic design project as well as a PR campaign and trying to plan a photo shoot (eh more to come on that later.) I’m super duper sorry but I’ll be back to my normal, not-pulling-my hair-out self soon I hope.


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