To all the creative people in the world…


I think it would be safe to say that some of the most brilliant people I have ever encountered have dedicated themselves to a lifestyle that accommodates endless ways for them to express their creativity. Over the past year especially, I have wandered my way into several different realms where some of the coolest people I’ve had the pleasure of calling friends take the simplest things or the most mundane ideas and turn them into something that can genuinely be called all their own. I don’t only envy them but I am educated by them with every conversation, every guitar/dance/graphic design/foreign language lesson, and every chance I get to observe their innovation in action. People who do what they love despite occasional mental torment, external opposition and the ever so present lack of funds are the most interesting to get to know and I’m fortunate to have met people from all over the country who terrify me with their talents.

Whether it be writing, graphic design, music, interior design, architecture, photography, art and so much more, there’s always something to learn. The internet is a pretty awesome place to find the ridiculously awesome stuff people do. Some of my current favorites regarding digital editing include:

This crazy and completely awesome Evelien Lohbeck video.

via My Favorite Color is Shiny

The hilarious Disney take on Mean Girls

This kind of thing is so insanely tedious to make but so much fun to watch.


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