Silhouettes are Rad

One of the coolest things I remember as a kid was when we went to Disneyland. Typical kid memory right? Perhaps, however, I’d like to argue that most girls who go to Disneyland remember swooning over “Aladdin” (which is really a random aspiring model I would assume) or getting their name embroidered on a hat with more streamers than should ever be let near rides with moving parts swooshing and sparkling around on top of it. I remember my mom taking us into a little silhouette shop and getting them of me and my two brothers which are still hanging over her vanity today. The lady needed about four minutes per person and I was dumbfounded and thus explains my current love for silhouettes. I also have a certain love for witty snark. These silhouettes found at the Silhouette Masterpiece Theater are by far some of the coolest things maybe ever.

Silhouette Masterpiece Theater


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