West Texas Tours: Observations of a Chool Bus Tag-Along

Fact: The past two days consisted of a rendezvous between a personal injury lawyer gorilla/monster bus full of Austinites, west Texas in all its glory, a steak cape with gold fringe, Rachel vs. food, a free cowgirl hat, Sassy’s, Motel 6, Cadillac Ranch, chaps and new friends/not so new friends that I rarely get to see which made for an absolutely awesome weekend. Verbalizing the pure cool of this trip is difficult so I’ll refer you to these images instead.

Personal Injury Lawyer Gorilla

I dance often

This picture was taken with the intent to sum up the sheer beauty of west Texas with a Motel 6 sign and U-haul in the background. Sign didn’t really come out but you get the sarcasm.

Cadillac Ranch

These cars have a lot of paint on them. A LOT

Disclaimer: The peace sign was not mine. I painted a cartoon face.

Monster Bus just chillin at Cadillac Ranch. To the left of this shot there was a crazy rainbow hippie camper that was totally trying to give our random means of transportation a run for its money.

Totally hilarious excursion and definitely in my top five weekends ever. Who knew west Texas would be such a randomly cool forum for weekend entertainment? Photo credits to Ryan and his sweet camera. I would be so sad (and probably doubtful this ever happened) if there was no actual documentation. Man I miss my camera so bad.


One thought on “West Texas Tours: Observations of a Chool Bus Tag-Along

  1. Good to see you had fun in my neck of the woods. Amarillo can be a pretty fun town with the right company.

    But the Big Texan’s food is never good.

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