I’m ditching the day of the week mixtape situation because it was never going to happen consistently. How about surprise ones instead?

The only plus about spending every waking second with InDesign trying to make some 200 page book by Monday is that I’ve had time to catch up on listening to all the stuff that I piled onto my iPod over the last month.

Local Natives

Airplanes – Local Natives

Camera Talk – Local Natives

All I have to say about these guys and Gorilla Manor is good luck finding an actual favorite song on this album. It’s full of songs about the usual things: the death of someone you love, a lost relationship laced in regrets, the vacation hangover that comes after a fantastic time away from daily monotony and internal angst, however, their portrayal of these topics is beautifully done and almost biting in how dead on they are able to capture emotions in words without the typical theatrics.  That was a long sentence.


Harold T. Wilkins, or How to Wait for a Very Long Time – Fanfarlo

John Vanderslice

Kookaburra – John Vanderslice


Transatlantique – Beirut

Fact: Zachary Condon is truly someone who makes me feel sufficiently inferior for three reasons.

1. He grew up about an hour away from me and went to the same college as my brother

2. He’s only two years older than me

3. I guarantee you he’s seen a heck a lot more of the world than I have.

But I do love him.


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