I do Ban.do

I had a very flattering proposition presented to me a few months ago when my friend asked me to style her wedding for her. Weddings are not my forte by any means, which is a little astonishing seeing as how I have done tons of brides’ makeup on their wedding days and stood dutifully in my (insert color here) bridesmaid dress many a time. She gave me a few ideas but mostly left me to my own devices. While most of the big stuff is out of the way, accessories still must be picked. My favorites so far are…

Nouveau Bride

Let Them Eat Cake

She Loves

Ban.do’s entire inventory has easily been on my own personal lust list for a good year or so. Everyone knows I love sticking bows, flowers, feathers etc. on my head amidst my ridiculously poofy hair. As if they weren’t already awesome enough, now there is the Ban.do Black Label collection. Yes please.


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