Embrace the Decay

Don’t worry, I’m not going Hot Topic on you. Quite contrary, in fact.  I got to see Doug Burr last night (thanks to my friend Daniel insisting I would not regret it if I went…thaaaanks!!) at a little art gallery here and he was awesome. I honestly had never heard of him before but was pretty amazed at the amount of control he had over his voice and the overall manner in which he presented himself.  I did some research on him after returning home and found this video which, amazingly, was shot using a Nikon D90. Gah people are so talented. I’ve been listening to his music since I got home I’m pretty sure I love him a million times more after having the chance to fully appreciate the lyrics. Amazing.

Listen to much more at Fairtilizer

I love the building this is shot in. Somehow I have always been attracted to abandoned and forgotten places. There’s something so simultaneously creepy and peaceful about them.


“But every town is small when it comes for you

just like everyone’s asleep when it’s passing through.”

– Doug Burr

“In time memories fade, senses numb, one forgets how it feels to have loved completely.” – Pedro the Lion


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