West Texas Tours: Vintage Rose

I’d call my current city quaint. That’s a fairly all-inclusive adjective. I will also say that once you’ve lived here a few years you feel like you’ve pretty much seen all there is to see. At the beginning of this year when I moved from a quagmire of potluck roommates into my own, new, darling apartment I was taking a walk up the street one day and realized I had some of the coolest neighbors here.

Cactus Alley: A little conglomeration of amazing yet seemingly forgotten stores.

The little courtyard

Welcome to Vintage Rose one of the coolest, most random, inexplicably fascinating stores in Lubbock.

There are loads of hats hanging all over the walls too.

She told me she has over 30,000 pieces of jewelry in this tiny little store.

She has a completely amazing cuff links collection. It kind of makes me wish I was a French cuff wearing male.

Vintage car cuff links…so cute!

Baby turtle cuff links!

This acorn bracelet is from the 1930’s and is just darling but sadly so far out of my price range.

I think this earring holder is supposed to be a baby dinosaur but I think it looks like a little sea monster.

Oh my…the clothes, shoes, purses room. The first time I went here I stood with my mouth gaping for about 10 minutes.

The woman who owns this place is just darling and if you go in there once she’ll remember you forever and ever. Whenever I go I wind up spending a good hour or two in there because there is just so much stuff. It’s terribly fascinating and it’s amazing how she has a story behind nearly every single piece in the place. Love.


One thought on “West Texas Tours: Vintage Rose

  1. I love that place. I went to buy a dress and left three hours later with a dress, a necklace, a bracelet, shoes and I think a purse. The jewelry was my favorite. The best collection I’ve ever seen. You’re right, the owner is just darling 🙂

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