My Next Vacation

I am a cheapo. I have serious rules about my money. I never spend more than $10 on anything I wear despite being addicted to clothes and bows. It’s actually pretty easy since most of it is second-hand or given to me by friends who “aren’t crazy enough” to pull something off. However, money is like water to me when I’m on vacation. Not necessarily a good thing but I would so much rather spend it on something I will remember rather than things. The Maison Moschino Hotel just made it on to my constantly growing list of places to go. It’s darling I just don’t know how in the world I’d be able to pick which room to stay in.

Design hotel= amazing

Watch the little movie here

Eh…when you’re used to living in a place like Lubbock, Texas you’re surrounded by charm and fabulous things every day. This isn’t so great. Funny…I kid.


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