Camera Shy

I am not a shy person. You can ask anyone I know and the only thing they will tell you is it’s hard to keep up with me because I like to wander away and talk to just about anyone. Public speaking is no sweat and interviews are actually fun, I think. However, when you put a camera anywhere near me I turn into a painfully awkward little robot considering my daily mannerisms generally consist of flouncing, skipping and being mildly obnoxious. I’m not sure what happens.

Anyways, Callie Munoz was kind enough to spend the afternoon with me and totally wowed me with her creativity. When she pulled up to meet me there was a giant kite she had made of vintage maps in the backseat and balloons with flowers on the strings. I don’t step in front of cameras willingly often but I’m super impressed with what she was able to do.

Is it just me or does Tech actually look pretty cool? Seriously though she is super talented and despite my awkwardness was able to get some really cool pictures.  A fun fact about the balloon pictures is it was definitely finals week when we were up in the stacks in the middle of the afternoon taking these. You can imagine the hilarious amounts of looks we got as balloons were being blown up and I was trying not to laugh because we were having a hard time being quiet. It was pretty great. If you’re ever in the area and need really creative pictures she is your girl.


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