Things my Mother Does Not Understand: Hipsterism

I don’t know a single person who would claim to be a hipster.

You know what that means. Regardless, as far as my mother is concerned a hipster is a type of exercise machine that is advertised by girls wearing far too little clothing at two in the morning. I referred her to this and while my brother and I were dying laughing, I’m not sure it helped to clarify anything for her.

Appreciated. Lack of consequential posts can be attributed to the following life situations:

1. I’m now done with college forever…

2….which has resulted in a mad job hunt…

3. …and thoughts about packing up my worldly possessions…

4…because I’m moving to Austin in a few short weeks…

5….which has started to make me sad thinking about what I’ll be leaving behind here….

6…so I’m spending as much time as I can with people who make me impossibly happy. Speaking of which

check out my newest necklace due to the lovely miss Gravity Jones. We can just call it an ode to my drawing mustaches with eyeliner on all the makeup mirrors at work. Some people know me too well.


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