I Was Born in the Wrong Decade

I’m fairly convinced I was born in the wrong decade. I never really thought too much about it until my mom’s friend started calling me Vintage Girl when I was like 12 because I was wearing dresses when everyone else was wearing Abercrombie. I guess my mom’s love for Victoria magazine and shabby chic decor rubbed off on me somehow.

The Bette D. West Coast Swing San Gabriel and Verde dresses from  Shabby Apple.

Just about the entire Spring/Summer 2010 Nadinoo Collection is amazing

via Daydream Lily

The Bobby from the always awesome Seychelles Footwear

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster aka my perfect pair of sunglasses. I’ve had two pairs. One my dog ate due to my tragic oversight of leaving them on the coffee table, and the other that basically stays on my eyes or my head 24/7. Nothing else fits.

Darling little phone from The Curiosity Shoppe


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