June Baby

I love June. It’s actually probably my favorite month. Ok ok so my birthday happens to be in June, but if you know me you know I never ever make a big deal out of my birthday and it sails merrily on. I think everyday should be fun for everybody the birthday attention is just so awkward for me. Anyways here’s the reasons I actually think June is kinda the best month ever.

Everyone seems to be more open to spontaneity in the summer.

Rompers. However, in the land of parties and porta potties, not the most practical option for evening attire but pretty darn awesome otherwise.

Breakfast on the patio/roof

Lunch on the patio/roof

Dinner on the patio/roof

Patios/roofs in general?

Obviously pools.

This hairspray. Call me mildly superficial and a little crazy for paying how much this stuff costs but I assure you it’s better than the names a girl with naturally curly hair set free in humidity attracts. Literally the only thing that keeps my hair from hitting full on poodle on speed mode is this stuff.


As for yesterday it was spent eating Amy’s, spending a little too much money on South Congress and basking in the glow of Memorial day that radiates “welcome to summer.”


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