A Lotta Swanky

I’m a huge fan of vocab. It’s super hip don’t cha know? The words swanky, sassy, hence, shall and ornery don’t get near enough usage these days in my humble opinion which has launched a mission to bring these words back into existence. I shan’t quit until swanky vocab words infiltrate even the sassiest of conversations on a regular basis and put smiles on people everywhere and hence, they shall never be ornery again. BAM! Pardon my mildly obnoxious tendencies but words really do make me seriously happy. Speaking of swanky and sassy I’m pretty much obsessed with the Dewi Driegen editorial in the Croatian Elle.

Fashion Gone Rogue


Also speaking of swanky this week brings Neon Indian, LCD Soundsystem, Mike Snow, Mumford & Sons and Thao then next week is Mewithoutyou, David Bazan, Tokyo Police Club and Passion Pit. Really? Peace out money it was nice knowing you.


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