Dear Dad, I Got a New Tattoo!! (Reasons Why My Dad is Rad)


Fact: I didn’t get a tattoo I just know you follow my blog in between building windmills and nanobots and being super smart and stuff and I tend to be an obnoxious daughter. So sorry.

My dad is pretty much the coolest guy in the world for a lot of reasons. One is that he’s painfully smart and would bring robots and motion sensors and stuff home for us to play with at the dinner table. He also would draw diagrams on napkins that would explain the structural pattern required to build the perfect room size tinker toy rocket ship. At one point, he built some crazy dinosaur themed robotic roller coaster that took up the entire living room and had a loop de-loop. Yeah, cool right? Not only that but he sat for six hours at a time in between baseball/basketball/church volunteering for my gymnastics meets that I’m sure were less than entertaining for him.

Take your daughter to work day was so cool. I think I was like 12 or something and just remember I had to get a security clearance and then got a slinky. Awesome.

I know very good and well how amazingly supportive my parents are and how I was blessed to go to college wherever I wanted. My poor father also has to put up with my free-spirited music child tendencies which he is generally very patient with, even though I know it makes him crazy sometimes. I also blame my witty snark on him and while I will hardly ever give him the satisfaction of publicly laughing at one of his jokes, he’s actually pretty hilarious.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how rare the genuine hardworking family man is these days and it made me love my dad who has supported an entire family, volunteers in church activities even though most of his kids are grown and gone and is putting three kids through college even after I said I wanted to be a public relations major that much more. He also let my mom turn our garage into a killer classroom and there was not a single IMAX, amusement park, sporting event we didn’t get to see growing up. He has driven upwards of 12 hours one way to help me move once a year since I moved out of his house and packs the car like a tetris professional. These are just some of the reasons why my dad is seriously rad.

Love you daddy! (no, seriously I DON’T have a tattoo)


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