Dear Google Friend, When Rad Works and when Rad Does Not


In my statistics bar of my blog it said that someone Googled “when rad works and when rad does not” and found what you’re currently reading instead. I assume you mean the word because I (r.a.d..initials see?…) always work. However, my little Google friend, the word rad works always unless something is, of course, not rad at all.

For example, “Hi dear friend that I met about an hour ago at a random party down the street. Your shoes are rad. You are not flirting with my boyfriend nor are you attempting to be the girl in the too short pleather yellow mini dress so you know I’m being sincere in regards to your rad shoes.”

When rad does not work: (pay attention Google friend) “Hi girl in the too short yellow pleather mini dress flirting with my boyfriend. How did you learn to snap your gum so loudly? Bubblelicious? That’s rad.” False that’s not rad you know you’d rather just kick her.

And there is your rad lesson of the day. Welcome to my blog random google friend. I feel the need for the more you know star flying across the screen right about now but that’s just due to jokes that never get stale amongst my friends. Good mental picture though.


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