Passive Aggressive Nail Art: American Media at its Prime

I like to consider myself a fairly well-rounded and informed individual. I sincerely do. However, there are times where reading the news does little more than depress me due to what is not only deemed newsworthy but what skyrockets to front pages and headers on online news sites. Take, for example, Lindsay Lohan’s naughty obscenity that was written with sharpie (or whatever) on her fingernail with the passive aggressive hope that cameras would catch it and the meanie judge would hear about it the next day. (Oh please oh please)


No kidding.

What happened to the dangerously covert techniques we used in middle school to write the grumpy things we were thinking in order to feel better about getting detention for singing “Mmbop” during math class? Write in on your shoe, your arm, your hand, your water bottle, or the neck of the kid in front of you.

But BAM first page it worked! Thanks Gawker! To be fair Gawker was only one of far far too many who took this and ran with it. Too bad there’s no other news/crises going on that may be affecting our natural resources or the population as a whole….oh…wait.

I will take nail art news over hearing another comment on Heidi Montag’s silicone filled lips and shaved chin though. Not owning a TV for the past year of my life may have been the best thing that ever happened to me.


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