Shop Local, Buy Handmade: dEconstructed dEsign

There are times I wish I lived in a house made of buttons. It’s very well known how much I love Etsy and brilliantly unique handmade items. Artisan markets are always like major danger for my wallet but it’s so interesting what people are able to make out of the most ordinary things. The house made of buttons is in reference to a conversation that was had one evening and “Rachel’s blog is about random weird creative stuff….like houses made out of buttons or something.” Thanks Whitey. If only there were such a thing. Today’s brilliance is straight outta my dear Austin, TX.

dEconstructed dEsign

While she resides in the Do512 offices with me by day, Kelly Young is an awesomely unique jewelry maker by night. She makes jewelry out of door hinges, clock gears, and lots of old vintage chains. Her stuff is not only original but extremely well made and Austinites are picking up on it.  This Friday she will be featuring her work at the Pixel Pop: Art, Fashion, Music Extravaganza at Mohawk so be sure to stop by and admire them for yourself. Find out more about her collections and how to purchase at the dEconstructed website and her Etsy shop.

My personal hand chain that she so generously made for me!


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