Shop at Thrift Stores, Hug a Cowboy

Yeah, I shop at thrift stores. (Insert judgmental “you’re such a little hipster” emoticon here) aww you don’t mean that.

Actually more specifically I USED to shop at thrift stores before I possessed an Austin zip code. When you live where someone doesn’t know much about small joys (hiya goodwill,) there’s a whole slew of treasures that can be discovered. Right up with my vintage $10 Dior sweater that I scored at a tiny resale shop in Lubbock, TX is the Thrift Store Cowboys.

A little gem among the dust and supremely talented at dodging the ever present genre categorization question that music critics have so desperately grasped for over the past 10 years, Thrift Store Cowboys is easily the perfect name for this crew. While you can fling em in a country bar and they will leave with a gaggle of boot clad fans, they are also more than comfy around the American Spirit and High Life chugging sect. To be quite honest, it can be said that the gents themselves rock the boots and assorted thrift store T-shirts shirts simultaneously on a daily basis without attempting to be ironic.

People who have yet to catch TSC live and in action are in some serious luck because they are landing themselves in Austin, TX this Friday for a 9 pm performance at the Scoot Inn. Attending will make you a healthier and more jovial person. Wear your gem sweater, snakeskin boots, unicorn dress, Wranglers, converse, fake mustache, or cowboy hat because you’re among friends.

Consider this my official Friday evening recommendation. Righto.

Hugs and giggles,



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