Woah…Pausey Snarky! Let’s Just Be Pretty.

So it has been pointed out to me that my posts have been a bit more tangled in snark and current events than normal. Sorry loves. I’m currently in the rebuilding stages of my bank account meaning the floaty and ever so tempting whispers calling to me from boutiques and shoe stores across the city are being suppressed. Thinking about the news does not make my wallet lighter therefore I have blocked my favorite fashion blogs and planned to return to them when my penny had a few more friends joining it. ALAS you, my darling friends/readers/stalkers/whatevers have beseeched me to let you know what is going on in the great world of fashion so, for you, I shall. You enablers.

Times and Places You Should Go Look Pretty At:

Hey look, I cheated. News and fashion. Austin Fashion Week is a baby. With its second year looming on the horizon, the various vendors, artists, and models are preparing themselves. Now, I was not able to attend last years so my opinion on this particular event is limited until I see it for myself. I’d like Austin to develop more of a reputation for fashion because there are some amazingly well dressed people out here, however, it’s a different style than that which gleans “high-end” fashion attention. If some guy is walking through the Whole Foods with no shoes on and dummy glasses I bet money 80% of the female shoppers probably think he’s dreamy while they themselves try to adjust their Urban tank. I don’t know if the good ‘ol ATX will ever compete with fashion markets in Dallas but I suppose it’s worth a try.

The Mad Men Premiere:

Dear friends, we are attending this. Dear girls, go to ModCloth.com if you don’t have clothes already. Dear boys, you look so much better when you throw a suit jacket on. Like really. I have to watch Mad Men twice. Once to see the clothes and then the next time around for the actual plot. Don’t judge me.

Fashion Evolution:

Welp due to the $40 price tag on these general admission tickets I’ll be sitting this one out. You’re allowed to get teary, I appreciate your empathy. However, you should go for three reasons.

1. It is benefiting the Young Women’ s Alliance Foundation

2. There’s cocktails, goodie bags etc.

3. Supports local designers including Austin-based designer, Linda Asaf, Rachelle Briton and men’s fashion by Margarito Alonso.

Non-local Fashion News:

The Uniform Project was completed this past April and amazed me. One NY girl took a pledge to wear the same dress every day for a solid year. The Uniform Project is also a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation. They help to send Indian children to school and aim to alleviate educational expenses. Awesome story and so fun to look at her 365 days of creativity. This chick has some fantastic style.

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project

Ta for now darlings.


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