Thirsty For Blood, Hungry for Tacos and Better Than HBO: One Wolf

I’m not a Twilight fan. Actually I’m exactly the opposite. To be fair, I’ve never seen nor read anything in the series so I can’t officially state that my dislike for the idea is justifiable, however, I am aware that it has made 13-year-old girls who can still shop at Limited Too think it’s ok to be in love and have forest romps with vampire and werewolves (please, correct me if I’m wrong.) Suffice it to say the fascination with making out with gross dead things does little more than perplex me.

I felt all of that was necessary to prove that my title had nothing to do with an odd bandwagon vampire fascination. I’m actually referring to a crew of West Texas musicians who are notorious for being genuinely nice guys. Don’t let that fool you though. They are also known for having awesomely energetic live shows and I have personally witnessed a band-wide shirt boycott that was, to be frank, better than HBO.

When they aren’t busy dodging the menacing gleam of handcuffs attempting to break up their photo shoots or searching for the perfect breakfast taco, One Wolf is making music that not only makes you terribly happy but is also amazingly easy to relate to in so many cases. A personal mile marker for me is the always amusing “Don’t Take it Personal” and Daniel Markham cantillating “when I think about the things you said…I wanna stick an ice pick through your head” totally deadpan every time.  Just a note; I may have picked the most brutal of their lyrics to quote. My point is, whether you’re happy with your PBR and friends in your backyard or you just watched your snarky ex walk through the door with full on crazy eyes, One Wolf has a song for you.

While it’s still a smidge away. you’re in large amounts of luck because One Wolf has been divided between three different cities as of late but are all reuniting to wander into Austin this Sunday. While I lean towards the assumption that they intend to continue their quest for the perfect taco, it’s said that they agreed to entertain the masses while down here at Momo’s. Tivo your True Blood lovies (another show I don’t get) and get a little bit of the wolf in your life instead. Ask them to play R.E.M. and they really might love you for always.

Fun Fact: Do512 is giving away free tickets to their show if you go click “I Like It.” Free fun is better than Twinkies and that’s saying something because Twinkies rule really hard.

As per usual hugs and an exorbitant amount of giggles,



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