The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton and Other Tales of Becoming a “Grown Up”

I’m an adult. You’d never guess it if you saw my rantings/shenanigans/caterwauling my friends and I call a good Friday night. It starts with us discussing our work weeks, outrageous electric bills and lack of sleep and ends usually in hugs, chasing each other with bingo daubers yelling names that others may find mildly appalling and 3am dancing to the B-52s while wearing a blonde mullet wig acquired from a neighbor’s baby mama….we’s grown ups.

Anyways…life events…

I’m well aware that the Mountain Goat’s All Hail West Texas has a gaggle of sorority fans due to the fact that it says West Texas in the title (whaa like OMG guys it’s like where we live!) and do not care. That album for me is literally as close to a personal soundtrack as I have. We could delve into the various reasons as to why but I doubt you care and I doubt I really could articulate it in a manner that would make sense but…

I think the ink’s time has come.

Significant in a shadowy blur of gun hands headphones guitar strings cigarette butts vinyl chairs zigenbocks hugs porch talks big dreams neverland orange door long distance love record player dusty misfit sort of a way a.k.a when I learned to love.


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