Lessons I Learned From the City Full of Sound: ACL 2010

They don’t call this the live music capital of the world for nothing. Austin City Limits is easily one of the most crowded chaotic and yet somehow enjoyable and peaceful experiences full of insane amounts of music in one spot. I know some people don’t like festivals and I can see the areas why. Some girl stands in front of you with her floppy Jessica Simpson wannabe hat with her boyfriend who is 6’11” seconds before the xx takes the stage, the dude next to you hasn’t showered since Bob Marley died and you came with 10 people and lost them all within 2.33 seconds of entering the park. However, for someone who has learned a mad elbows out crowd stance, has learned to breathe through her mouth and goes alone with the hopes of moving fast and seeing everything, I’m ok with them. 5 things I gleaned from this year’s:

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1. M. Ward and Matt Berninger can rock a suit like nobody’s freaking business. Those, my friends, are some seriously sexy men.



2. When giving directions to your friends, take serious advantage of using the physical effort other people are exuding by lugging around flags everywhere for directions instead of vague landmarks like “Oh ya know I’m like by the stage.” Great, helpful, have fun. Try: “I’m two feet west of the “peace, love, nachos” flag immediately behind the blow up doll and to the left of the lampshade with innapro pro body parts drawn on it. Staying still till found.” What up buddy? Hang out for about 2 minutes before losing each other again forever.



3. Camping out is worth it. Yes, you may miss the 3000th time that Edward Sharp is playing in Austin but getting up close enough to watch the Flaming Lips space bubble the crowd while yelling pink smoke and riding a bear in the first ten minutes is worth sitting on your butt for a solid 40 minutes. Plus, you have an endless supply of Imperial.

4.  Imperial sucks


5. I’d like to be the girl from Beach House that’dbelikesupergreat.


6. No matter how tired you are or how much you can’t even think about being out there anymore,  there’s still a sad little pang the day after when it’s over. That and a coma. Speaking of coma, after the Rock the Vote party I was convinced my car had been towed to the point where I was making mental withdraws from my bank account to bail it out when I realized in my exhausted haze that I was actually leaning on my car while on the phone with my friend freaking out that my car had been towed. Let’s not talk about it…but kinda the best relief ever.


2 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned From the City Full of Sound: ACL 2010

  1. Hats off to you for making it through ACL and the Rock the Vote party, absurdly impressive and no surpise you “lost” your car! That party was a lot of fun, super crowded but totally worth seeing Two Door Cinema Club. Great post, keep it up!

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