I Don’t Care if the Glass is Half Full or Half Empty I’d Just Like to be Able to See It

I’m real blind. Like SUPER blind. Like if there’s no contacts in my eyes I would literally not be able to tell your gender from five feet in front of me. That and I know a surprisingly large amount of dudes with luscious locks which complicates things even when I can see…anyways…I’m getting new glasses due to the fact that Zooey has an affinity for snatching them off my nightstand. Here’s some optical themed things that make me lovely happy.

From the always brilliant Moxy Creative House


The fabulous Warby Parker. Not new to blogging buzz, Warby Parker not only has an amazing selection of frames but you can order a pair with your prescription in them for about $100. It does not get cheaper than that. Also, they are like the Toms of the optical world and give a pair of glasses to someone in need with every pair purchased.

ModCloth glasses case (because I tend to drop kick things down stairs)


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