Reflections of a Post-Grad Media Major

The day you flip that tassel to the other side of your head, run out of college vowing never to look back again and look your electrical engineer of a father in the eye and say “ya know what Daddy? I’m gonna be in media!” is a familiar day to me indeed. What’s worse? I wanted to do PR. I shall now pause for the cringe.

Yes, PR. I’m accustomed to sitting next to girls in class who wanted to be like Samantha from Sex and the City. I’m very used to the grimace on the face of the professor who was an amazing journalist and made a name for himself in the newspaper world when I told him I was interested in radio and writing. “You may as well dig out a refrigerator box to live in now the way this is going…” Ah yes those of us who were stuck in the dismal basement  that alluded to our futures in the real world of mass communications. I took the negativity with a grain of salt and now, after the fact, have a job I love that doesn’t include the radio or an AP Stylebook but integrates what I learned from those while giving me room to be innovative. I’ll always be a fan of bookstores, though, and getting new magazines in my snail mail is one of my favorite things ever.  Essentially what I’m saying is this video is cute and you should watch it.


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