Rack ‘Em Up

I have this friend. He’s a really grand friend. He gave me his mother’s old bike for Christmas. It’s a bike that’s currently a work in progress due to its vintage state and is going to be revived and re-built and loved and is so heavy that I just freaking dare anyone to try and steal it without getting a hernia. I shall paint it yellow and it shall have a basket and a bell. I’m terribly excited. After learning to not die while riding it on the street…maybe…I will take it on adventures. I then will try to find/make it something like this.

This smart thing brought to you by Knife and Saw and found via Designboom

I know far too many bike aficionados who have rad bikes in their homes (little bikes get cold at night) and look lovely but literally are trip hazards for me, hair catching hazards for puppies/kitties and if you actually ride said bike, a horrid hazard to the carpet. Consider the above pure genius.


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