Compiling Things

The other day the Bueno Bueno girls posted a project that one of my friends from my time in Lubbock did to wrap up his photography studies entitled “Everything I Own” where he did, in fact, take a photograph of everything he owns and ranked in order of personal importance. While this sounds like a completely herculean task to me (does one take a picture of individual lipsticks, books, bracelets ahhh!?) I found it to be an interesting concept. You can read more about it over at their lovely blog.

Along the same lines are the attribute portraits of family members by Jelmar Geertsma, a Dutch graphic designer and typographer. While mine would probably consist of far too many bows, clothes, cupcakes, sparkles etc to make a very fascinating one, I can’t help but think that these would save everyone an awful lot of time filling out those stupid interest blanks on Facebook if this was the standard profile picture. Ooo idea!



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