Overdue Shameful Idealistic Unescessary Materialistic Wishlist pt. 1

Ah, we all have them. By them I’m referring to those silly, sappy, stupid, completely unnecessary could be considered greedy list of extravagances that no human really requires to sustain daily life and yet, every time we’re in a store we notice and silently wish we were irresponsible enough to purchase them. Mine as of this very moment in time, history and strange little amount of space are:

Computer monitor! Hot skippy gosh darn I am a wild wild woman am I not?

Heartland poster. It’s charming because there’s a solid focus on Texas. Disclaimer: I am not a native Texan. I am proud of that. I have lived in Texas for a good amount of years and learned to adore it, though. Most of it. I would go so far as to state that my experiences with Texas have evoked nothing less than pride and love from me, however, I will never again reside outside of Austin if I have a voice in the matter. <–unnecessary heartland poster disclaimer seeing as how said poster really has nothing blatantly to do with Texas. Pardon.

For the love of all that is mildly pleasant in this world and with the tiniest shred of hope that I can hold on to the adoration I had for Hanson and the irrefutable fact that Justin Timberlake is a sort of pop culture god, I wish to own about 200 of these cards to pass out on birthdays for the next ten years to everyone I have ever known to save me from the abomination that is karaoke. Speaking of abominations, you shouldn’t read my snarky blurbs if you’re offended by blatant run on sentences.

A lifetime (a.k.a. forever and ever and ever) subscription to the lovely and completely girl crush worthy Lula magazine.

Ban.do! Oh the Ban.do take on the shoe. I love you, Ban.do. This is not new. (giggles because it rhymes)

Bake it Pretty cups that fool everyone into thinking you’re awesome/Martha Stewart worthy/baker girl extraordinaire when you’re actually making $3 box brownie cupcakes. The art of pretty packaging.

To win a contest for a never ending supply of this Rosebud. It’s saving grace in a little tin. I literally have 4 cans open and they are all almost gone and it’s a real, real tragedy.


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