Men With Suits: Observations About Male Work Attire

The one thing I have noticed about Austin is that there is an occasional attitude to those who have a profession in which they are required to wear suits. This attitude is either stemmed from jealously, a strong dislike for what “the suit” represents, or a pure lack of funding/need to own a sharp, sharp suit. I have met a lot of stupid people who wear suits, however, so I can see where it’s stemmed from. I can honestly say there is really nothing that is more handsome on a man than a sharp, ridiculously good looking suit. It’s all about the guy behind the jacket, though and I would assume that the most desirable ones are also ones who…

aren’t afraid to do a little at home yoga in their day clothes before mindlessly turning on basketball games. –Blake Edwards

Men are hot when they are well dressed and have a solid job. They are even more hot when they get paid to be well dressed to go to said job. This may or may not be a congratulatory post to one said man who I have known for years to possess all of the above on his new suit allowance job. It’s charming. Just plain charming.



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