Stick that On Your Fridge

There’s a currently a menu for East Side Pies, a drawing from a friend mailed to me on my birthday of a robot doing inappropriate things to a mailbox (no reason given, no reason needed) and a renegade Beatles magnet on the fridge I share with my dear roommate. I’m fond of these things but have always otherwise believed in uncluttered fridges. I got a little piece of mail the other day, however, that I wanted to go buy whatever the first magnet was that I saw and stick it on there to gaze at as I reached for orange juice bleary eyed racing late to work each morning; my first student loan is completely paid off! You know the dream of having millions of dollars once you graduate and are happily in the workforce? The dream that includes being able to buy all the clothes you could ever want and the fancy tea instead of Celestial Seasonings and oh…I don’t know…furniture? As I currently sit on a piece of furniture that is not only highly flammable but would do impeccably well in saving my life if a great flood were to occur (aka super duper inflatable) sipping my Sleepytime tea, $2.46, I’m reminded that I’m not there yet. But hot skippy if that piece of paper doesn’t make me feel at least a tiny bit better about that.

Big plans to remodel my interior situation once upon a savings account. I gave my entire little one bedroom apartment worth of furniture away after college and am living vicariously though those who think to stick strange things on their walls. Once that first $5 million (give or take) check rolls in, you best believe I’m going to have an archive of decor ideas for it.





Jealous of these people. In my defense, I’d say they have a couple years on me. I think. I hope? Ahm.


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