What Pays the Bills

I stopped working for Bobbi Brown 3 days after I graduated from college. I still miss the travel and random sparkle that came with that job. I started working for Do512 6 days after graduating from college. It made me quickly forget any sparkle whatsoever quite quickly. I’m three months away from my one year anniversary there which is the strangest thing I cannot even fully tell you. Newest additions to my little office:

My Twitter sign addition. The @ sign fell on top of me in the store so really, how could I not buy it? I’m sure my roommate was more than thrilled when I came home with all of these things and started painting in the living room but I’m rather proud of the turn out. Twitter handle on the wall and bam like shebam no one confuses us for an art garage again. (Update: Still somehow occasionally confused for said art garage. There’s a lot of real dumb people)

We turned the side building of the office into a music venue/lounge/recording studio and now have filming sessions from Austin Music Weekly there at least four times a month. Watching that room transform from our storage room into a legitimate venue worthy space was completely amazing and so much fun to be a part of. Saints of Valory, new guys to Austin and fond friends of us at Do512, kicked off the place and started the buzz.

The Black Angels may or may not have played 20 ft from my desk. I may or may not have been really happy. I may or may not have wanted to kinda jump in the middle and do a little dance and by may I mean I did to all of the aforementioned things.

A little dying occurred after the first show. What has continued in the ‘ol office since the inaugural show has included:

Monahans. This is a band I was introduced to in Lubbock by Daniel Markham of One Wolf and promptly proceeded to become a huge fan of. It consists of some of the nicest, family oriented guys you could meet. Once you’ve lived in Lubbock and, more importantly learned to love Lubbock for its small charms, you are basically kindred spirits with anyone else who walked those flat, silent roads at some point.

Just hours before their mildly scandalous Austin Chronicle cover debuted, the Bright Light Social Hour packed the lounge room to record their session. Not only was the Do512 staff (population 5 + an army of fantastic intern assistants) amazed at how much fun they were, the guests that came were basically starting a riot with their little dance shenanigans.

Last but certainly not least, music legend James McMurtry graced our room and stopped even the most impolite of live music chatterers dead on their feet. He was easily the most humble and quiet man any of us had ever met, however, he seemed to find a certain snark and confidence once he placed his arm underneath his guitar strap.

As a sappy little 18-year-old at Oklahoma State University (don’t ask), I told my also PR majoring roommate that my dream job was doing something that was marketing for music and small businesses. I’ve never worked for a smaller company before. I managed contemporary clothes and then a cosmetics department at a department store. I worked for a London spa boutique. I got to do makeup artist work for Bobbi Brown. Overall, I can’t complain about any of the things I have done to pay the bills but when you work for a smaller business that is made up of about 10 people total and only five full-time that have huge ideas, it’s a real shock to your system when you wake up excited to go to work in the morning. Freshman in college Rachel would be pretty proud and this-a-here-now Rachel feels pretty lucky.



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