Little Urban Farming

Italian Vogue 08

Call me crazy but I have this new fixation on wanting to volunteer on one of the little farms out here on the weekend as of late. For the past two weeks I have been working and waiting for my insane time of the year to be over so I can drive out and pick someone else’s vegetables in the dirt and then hand them over. Why? I have no earthly idea but I spent a good amount of time researching my odd new interest today.

1. There’s a lot of little farms right here in Austin that fully accept volunteer help all the time. Some are even too full for more helpers! (If one of you would like to switch I shall pick the berries and you may clean my apartment. You may keep one pair of mismatched socks.) Little Austin resources:

Boggy Creek Farm

Springdale Farm

East Austin Farm Tour (in my own neighborhood! So many things all over and who even knew!)

Austin Farm to Table

Edible Austin

2. I ate an entire bag of celery AND baby carrots today and I need to fuel this sudden veggie fixation as much as I can while it lasts.

The Farm I Call Home

3. My weekends of exploring something new came to a bit of a halt starting in December. Winter makes humans lame…or at least this human.

4. There’s a wild rumor flitting about that you may even get to walk away with some of your veggie/fruit picks of the day. I’m really only in this for free strawberries at the end of the day.

Where oh where are my farming clothes off to?

Mario Testino


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