People In Trouble Are Simply Those Who Are Bored

Those who claim to be bored are the saddest people I can recall knowing. When going outside can entertain for hours just because there’s suddenly a random patch of little flowers right next to a busy street or a kid running off in the distance really trying his darnedest to kick a soccer ball, I can’t imagine why there was ever a time when I personally allowed my mouth to utter the words “I’m bored.” The second saddest thing I can recall is not having enough time to learn or see all the lovely things I don’t know quite enough about yet, and that those far surpass that which I do know. Let’s see how much one can learn in the evenings. I could imagine that, over time, it would wind up being a fair amount.

Pennywise & Nowness

Wye Oak – Plains

“…aloneness (the positive kind)”


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