Waiting on the Wind to Take Us

They beat me to it. Catherine & Derek over at Your Modern Couple posted something this morning that I was attempting to articulate (poorly, per usual) just yesterday evening. Life ruts are strange things. It’s not that you aren’t completely happy or that there’s anything wrong. On the contrary, I feel like one of the luckiest girls out there. I just tend to suddenly wake up certain days and wish I had time off to just take my scattered thoughts and turn them into some kind of neat and tidy life plan that will result in a solid, serene and happy future involving x, y, z and that I could know for a fact it would work the way I anticipated. That sounds great. It also sounds like hell. A boring, boring hell. Rather, I suppose it’s about time I see my sparse free time as something I could really fit an awful lot more into than I have been doing thus far. Their 15 steps to a fresh and modern life are a good starting point and, truth be told, I’m disappointed I haven’t been acting on more of these as well as my own little life list items long before this.

1. pare down your wardrobe – Long overdue. Way too many clothes and far too many of them on the floor

2. keep fresh flowers around the house – Wildflowers from the hill outside! Free and fresh

3. learn something new – Bought a music theories book, found a violin teacher for when I’ve learned the basics…maybe my most random goal but one that has persisted for the past 2 years at least

4. step out of your comfort zone – moving to Idaho! No.

5. give something a fresh coat of paint – Find said thing to paint

6. try your hand at DIY – Shhh…in progress

7. soak up some culture – not on TV

8. host a dinner party for all of your friends – miniature pies!

9. share your life’s moments – ah, I try to spare most folks that. It’s why I have a blog. You have to choose to read this malarkey 🙂

10. volunteer your time – High on the list. I think this will honestly solve all of my rutty feelings

11. support local music – It’s far too hard to come by in Austin. I kid.

12. create a sanctuary for yourself – buy a new bed

13. take a road trip – any vacation

14. grow your own food – herbs it is! Apartment living

15. try a new recipe – besides pie

16. Tell people important to me how much I appreciate them. I’ve become quite lax on that front.



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