The Love Cleanse

After watching 5 lbs hit me this winter/spring, Food Inc., and In Defense of Food, I needed a little dietary change.

Take a quick moment to consider what you have put into your face in the past 48 hours and the answer may surprise you. On its own, those chicken wings, beer, tankards of coffee and that doughnut you grabbed on your way to your morning meetings don’t seem so bad.’s only a tiny doughnut!

We evaluated our past couple of weeks here in the office. While there’s plenty of fresh veggies and hummus we attempt to munch on during the day, we realized that we do tend to get real snuggly with our beer, diet soft drinks and cheesy jalapeño pizza. Even looking at the food scattered on our individual desks during our pow wow, it was clear we all have our own vices we need to kick. Thus, the Do512 office collectively decided we were going to do a little bit of personal spring cleaning.

Enter the Love Cleanse and their newest program EmpowerU. A 14-day system, EmpowerU was designed to assist in making gradual lifestyle changes that will eventually lead to a healthy and well rounded life. A shorter version of its older sibling, The Love Cleanse, the same basic principles apply. By avoiding processed, sodium laden foods, sugars and other dietary antagonists and tracking how what you are eating makes you feel, EmpowerU helps determine what types of food put you at your prime.

By providing recipes, approved food cards, supplements and a daily checklist, EmpowerU is essentially arming you fully to kick your bad dietary habits in the tush.

Sounds great right? We thought so. This program was just released by the Love Cleansethis month and we’re super excited to use it as a kick start to alter our lifestyles. Yes, we’re giving up alcohol for two weeks. We’re also kissing coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper goodbye. We thought we would be sad but then we found out some fantastic news. For those living in the Austin/San Antonio area, The Love Cleanse has a partnership with Greenling Organics and fully approved recipe baskets are delivered straight to your door. The Greenling team has planned and tested an assortment of recipes that fit in the EmpowerU system using all local and certified organic ingredients. They are available for online ordering individually, so you can choose to order dinner for one day or a whole week- and everything is prepped, portioned and delivered to your door for less than you’d spend buying the ingredients to prepare yourself.

“It really couldn’t be easier to transition to a healthier diet that helps you feel your absolute best. When you feel your best, you look and give your best.” –The Love Cleanse

Call this a start to a little life makeover for me. New house, new diet, compost bin in the back, home grown herbs, increased organization, study time and less overall shameful life chaos. I can’t wait.



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