Less is More

I am of course referring to my eyebrows in the title. Mild self deprecation in a cutesy fashion! Less is more. I forget about them constantly due to my ever-changing-but-always-present-in-some-fashion-currently-wannabe-Zooey-bangs and it’s not pretty. I took care of them finally yesterday and it inspired me to do a little fixing up while on vacation…or at least consider doing it.

I think I may set my Google Calendar up with reminders so mine never get as bad as they were again. Odd but practical.


Scotch non-toxic eco-friendly nail polish is swell and dandy. Oh, and cute. No glitter or gloss just cute and simple.

Black & cream. Kelly at the Glamourai

I adore these. So simple but not boring at all. For sale at Magpie & Rye

Minimal and white


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