Today I Made: Kale Chips

In my attempts to slowly but surely slog through my list of life must-dos/my new found love for things that are, well, new, I’m hoping to try and document all the strange things I cram into trying to learn and do on top of the ever growing in hours work week. Tonight’s mini culinary experiment was kale chips. Kale! Rachel at HEB + Rachel having .98 + kale + olive oil and salt + love cleanse rules = kale chips!

I was delighted with how they turned out. Crispy and fresh tasting but not like bitter veggies anymore.

How to:

*Take your finger, just one will work, and push the button on your oven to turn it on.

* Set it to 300 degrees toastiness

* Wash your kale so it’s not dirty

* Break off the rib of each stem and place the leafy tops in a large bowl

* toss with olive oil & some pink Himalayan sea salt

* bake for 20 minutes until edges are brownish

* lay on your wire rack to cool

* crunch, stare at your adorable dog as she looks at you confused, and relish in how your new crispy snack won’t make your arse larger than a horse’s.



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