A Birthday For The Books

Allow me to disclaimer this post by saying I was rather teary last week. Not sad tears, though. Happy, happy, happy tears.  I’m also a girl who is notorious for letting her birthday slide by silently unnoticed without making a big deal of it. I’ve never worn a tiara nor have I marched my friends around town in boas buying me things because it just never was a big deal to me.

This b-day, however, was easily one of the best nights I’ve had in my entire life and I can’t help but wonder what in the world I did to deserve even ten seconds of the happy things that happened today. Not only was today grand, but the night before my birthday was filled with fresh Parkside oysters and the lovely voice of Zach Condon and Beirut with my best friend in the entire world.

My actual birthday was full of lovely co-workers, Anthropologie measuring cups for my new kitchen, the sounds of Noah and the Whale in my office and the Wheeler Brothers singing a wonderful big band version of happy birthday. That was followed by  secret balloon messages (one of which pertained to a seahorse in sea jorts)  and wonderful friends spending a quiet evening at the usual place.

Everything was just lovely. Two days after the fact thought turned out to be the real kicker. I was thrown my first, legitimate surprise party.

I don’t know quite what I ever did to deserve the week of wonderful happiness that fell on top of me but I can say that the memories I have from the past four days not only brought me to  tears for the first time in over a year but made me look at the life I have and stare in wonder at the fabulous people I know and just feel so supremely grateful.  Garrett single-handedly planned my dream birthday party for me. So many that I adore dearly were present along with water balloons, fireworks, fancy brewskie, sidewalk chalk, a princess pinata, fancy lit up tree, a decorated house, a new bed (glorious bed!) from his parents, finger mustache tattoos, tons of hugs, hours of fun, love, food and silliness that made this a birthday one for the books. I dare any June 9th-ish to ever top this year. Frankly, I just don’t think it can. 🙂


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