Selling Advertising

I think I’ve seen David Bazan more this year than anyone else but that’s ok because I think he’s grand. Tonight was in the KLRU studio which was definitely my favorite venue to watch him perform at. Very apropos for his live show style and music overall.  He honestly always has depressed me a bit but I like it. It was a calm, yet Bazan educated crowd who knew the words but knew the points when to hush allowing the swells in People, Bless this Mess and an array of older Pedro songs reverberate off the studio walls capturing the noise that was just lost on his ACL Stage last year. A lovely Tuesday in good ‘ol Austin.

–Selling Advertising by David Bazan. Ohh..feel that last year of college oh boy what have you done, Rachel? Oww ow.

That would be John Krasinski kissing David Bazan...which leads me to believe all those who I deem interesting somehow must all know each other
Sure, let's throw in a picture of him with Ben Gibbard and Jonathan Rice too

There’s an awful lot of random brands that pop in the background of this video which I found kind of funny. Funny?

“I like Austin, but you guys need to stop worrying about being or losing the whole being weird thing. That’s a bunch of BS.”


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