Space Nerd

I really like space things. Once, in elementary school, we had Space Day at school and we got to build our own space shuttles out of refrigerator boxes and paint them white and put our own knobs and buttons on them. We then had to wear all white sweats and bike helmets and sunglasses and we each sat in our respective shuttles in the dark while there were white Christmas lights strung on the ceiling for stars.  On a giant screen we watched a launch and each of us were responsible for making our shuttles blast off.

Once we landed safely on the moon, we got out and went to the moon room where we had crater cake and put American flags with our name on them in the room. We then went to Mars but hit an asteroid belt (socks being thrown at us) and my mother dressed up as the sun. I’m talking 3 dimensional, Jimmy Dean costume style, full on sun.

When you’re six or however old that will BLOW YOUR MIND! I literally cannot remember middle school and forgot about huge chunks of high school but I remember Space Day like it was yesterday. It honestly may have been the coolest day of my life…because my mom is rad.

Today at work we did grown-up Space Day and watched the final space shuttle launch live while eating space tacos (shockingly similar to regular tacos) and had our space playlist. Was a good, sad day. I hope kids still get to want to grow up to be some form of astronaut. Space is rad. Really rad.


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