Stillness is the Move

**Update – ugh click each picture to see it move. I’m trying to figure out how to fix it

My apologies for the cheesy song lyric title but it seems fairly apropos for the lovely and mildly creepy (creepy? I don’t know if that’s the proper word) images from Jamie Beck. For some reason they remind me of the way your brain takes imagery from books and causes you to picture the setting but just notice the one tiniest detail that is, for whatever reason, imperative at that moment in a way that movies cannot. I also for some reason thought instantly of Nancy Drew books and I haven’t the slightest idea as to why. “As she walked down the sidewalk wistfully pondering her current plight, a yellow cab passed letting her mind wander from her own predicament to the possible stories or adventures that an array of temporary passengers could have contemplated in its aged, cigarette odored backseat upholstery.” —or something along those lines only with smarter, less wordy words. 🙂

Cinemagraphs found via 100 Layer Cake


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