Thrift Find: Diane von Furstenburg

I adore Diane von Furstenburg. She’s one of those women where you leave articles about her life feeling that she deserves every ounce of admiration and success that she’s received. She also has just such amazing clothes and while lovely, out of my working gal price range. Way, way out of it. However, as anyone who has met me knows, I go thrifting about once a week and while my frequency has allowed me to be far pickier, those little treasures that you occasionally stumble into keep me going back.

So now for this weekend’s treasure finding tale. First of all, this picture currently hangs on my wall:

Since seeing this in April’s Anthropologie catalog, I’ve been completely obsessed with finding a soft and gauzey floor length robe that I wouldn’t be able to wear anywhere, that would be far too delicate to ever actually wander onto a pier wearing in real life and that offered instant coziness and glamour the second it was put on. Impractical yes, but oh how I wanted it!

Cue Goodwill’s Blue Hanger. Yes, that terrifying warehouse where treasure goes to die. Luckily, I was able to rescue the most perfect vintage Diane von Furstenburg cream and lace soft, gauzey floor length robe that is far too delicate to do much more than read a lovely book while wearing and offers instant coziness and glamour even after a fairly harrowing day. The best part? I paid roughly 35 cents for it. Pay by the pound is a brilliant invention. Terrible picture because sadly, my camera options just don’t do it justice.  I found some other fabulous lovelies while there including white and black polka dot silk to hang on my wall, a Tucker dress and two vintage houndstooth sweaters but sadly for them, their glory was superseded by the now daintiest and most impractical garment I own. Clothes just delight me in a way I’m ashamed to ever fully admit.



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