All Hail West Texas

No work Facebookin, no work Tweetin, neither of the above for fun, no google and no email…I’m unplugging and taking a weekend away with the excuse of visiting my brother but really just looking for a reason to drive and feel like I’m on vacation and back home all at the same time. I never dreamed I’d anticipate getting in to the lil town two hours earlier than I told anyone I would just to take a walk on my little route again by myself. It shall be a nice, quiet weekend.

I wish the West Texas highway
was a mobius strip
I could ride it out forever
when I feel my heart break
I almost swear I hear it happen
it’s that clear and that hard
I come in off the highway
and I park in my front yard
I fall out of the car
like a hostage from a plane
think of you a while

start wishing it would rain.

–Mountain Goats


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